Yellow Pages speed sailor Simon McKeon reports back on the teams first steps towards breaking their own world record with their new boat

Ten years after setting a new world speed record of 46.52 knots aboard Yellow Pages the Australian team are back at the Sandy Point speed course in Western Australia with their latest craft Maquarie Innovations. Reporting back from the weekend’s trial sails Simon McKeon, one of the two man crew, reported back to Yachting World on how the warm up was going.

“We had a good, albeit short, session today [Sunday]. We did three runs. The first run peaked at around 25 knots, the second around 30 knots and for the last one we took it up to 39 knots. “The breeze was around 15 knots and the boat is performing nicely.

“The current weather forecast is such that we won’t sail next until Thursday at the earliest.”

So far so good for the team that many consider as currently having the most realistic chance of breaking the existing record. Early trial speeds of just under 40 knots seem to back this up.

More news as it happens.