The International 14 Haying Hull was won by Zeb Elliot and Tim Hancock

A fleet of 20 International 14s braved the unpleasant weather forecast and turned out on Saturday 16 June to face a 20 knot breeze with huge, lumpy and confused seas – the sort of waves that are unique to Hayling Bay on a windy day! Many boats reported being fully airborne upwind – dropping into the troughs behind the steep waves.

Indeed, the waves soon claimed some early victims and several boats failed even to make it to the start. Race one got underway with James Fawcett and Bruce Grant taking an early lead that they held for the remaining laps. Victor Brellisford and Damian Ash came in second with Jonathon Pudney and John McKenna third.

Some confusion over the start time for race one produced a larger fleet for race two. Included among the late comers was Holt’s Zeb Elliot accompanied by the legendary Tim Hancock (HISC’s new Commodore). Sailing their innovatively laid-out new Bieker 3, Elliot/Hancock forged ahead from the start line and led the fleet round the course. Brellisford/Ash were second Pudney/Mckenna third with Fawcett/Grant retiring with gear failure. A protest after racing led to some of the late starters for race one being awarded average points.

On Sunday morning the wind had shifted to the north and seas were much flatter. Race three again saw Fawcett and Grant leading the charge in a closely fought battle, which they ultimately won. Elliot and Hancock took a quick dip on a gybe allowing Brellisford and Ash through into second and Andy Fitzgerald with Chris Turner into third.

Race four saw Elliot/Hancock with the bit between their teeth after race 3’s boat handling error. Although hotly pursued by Fitzgerald/Turner they eventually won with a good margin.

By race five the die was now cast, but Elliot/Hancock remained motivated and led up the first beat with the hard chasing Fitzgerald/Turner and Fawcett/Grant right on their heels. Fawcett/Grant suffered another gear failure putting an end to their regatta, but Fitzgerald/Turner began to seriously threaten Elliot/Hancock. In the end Fitzgerald – still working up his brand-new boat – fell out of the groove letting Elliot/Hancock get away and Brellisford/Ash through to yet another second slot.

By race six, the sailors were becoming increasing tired after two long days of racing. The highly competent HISC race team sensing impending exhaustion shortened the course while Elliot and Hancock were leading, Brellisford and Ash were second and Fitzgerald/Turner were third.

Overall Results

1st GBR1460, Bieker 3, Zeb Elliot and Tim Hancock (5.6 points)

2nd GBR1450, Ovington 3, Victor Brellisford and Damian Ash (10 points)

3rd GBR1441, Bieker 3, Andy Fitzgerald and Chris Turner (17 points)

4th GBR1426, Morrison 9, Roddy Bridge and Doug Pattison (21 points)

5th GBR1445, Bieker 3, Dave Spragg and Andy Loukes (34.2 points)