John Kostecki and his illbruck team have won the fourth leg of the VOR after 23 days at sea

John Kostecki and his illbruck team have, despite a few testing moments in the light airs over the last few days, won the fourth leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. They crossed the finish line at 0558.42 GMT after 23 days, 5 hours, 58 minutes and 42 seconds at sea.

When stepping ashore Kostecki said: “Being overtaken before finishing would have been devastating for us after sailing the leg so well. It happened to us before finishing in Hobart and it could have easily happened here as well.”

During the final approach to the finish line, the current was setting against them in virtually no wind. When the huge Code 0 sail couldn’t fill any more, the crew changed for a smaller headsail that develops less drag in the light air.

In the heat of the night, spectators lined the dockside to enjoy the sounds of a Samba band playing on the shore.

illbruck will be relieved to have extended their points margin on the rest of the fleet. Even better for them, djuice’s break for the shore away from the other three boats vying for second place appears to be paying off. If Knut Frostad’s decision to split from the pack earns him the runner-up spot here, not only will it help ease some of the pressure from his shoulders, it will put crucial points between illbruck and Amer Sports One.

The next boat is due to finish at 1139GMT.

Position Report, Day 24, 0558 GMT

1 ILBK (finished)


3 TYCO (11 miles from leader)

4 AART (11 miles from leader)

5 AONE (12 miles from leader)

6 NEWS (231 miles from leader)

7 ATOO (423 miles from leader)

8 TSEB Retired