Although Horey still leads with just two races to go, Howarth and Morrision are snapping at his heels

Day four of the Typhoon Fireball national championship at Exmouth yesterday (14 August) saw the sun come out for the first time of the week. The wind had increased to a decent Force 4 by the third race of the day, so some great racing took place.

Race five

The continued loss of his regular crew to illness did not prove a hindrance to world champion Stevie Morrison as he won the morning race in what were tricky conditions. It once again paid to be pathfinder with Pete Harper and Vyv Townend reaching the windward mark first, a position they held for two rounds of the three-round race. However, the third beat proved less predictable than has been the norm in this regatta with Angus Hemmings and Steve Chesney pulling themselves up from sixth to take the lead. However, Morrison and stand-in crew Simon Hughes passed Hemmings on the reach to take the race which was finished at the leeward mark. Hemmings and Chesney took second and Harper and Townend finished third.

Race six

The breeze had increased to 12 knots for the afternoon race. Chips Howarth and James Grant led from start to finish to win their third race of the week. Dave Wade and Richard Wagstaff were second and overall leaders Vince Horey and Jon Mildred third.

The results of the day’s races are added to together for the Yachts and Yachting trophy with this going to Howarth.

With two races still to go it looks as though it is going to be a fight between Horey and Howarth. Morrison could still win, but would require two good results.

Overall Results (after 6 races and 1 discard)

1st Horey and Mildred – 29.1 pts

2nd Howarth and Grant – 31 pts

3rd Morrison and Hughes – 37.7 pts

4th Smith and Meldrum – 41.7 pts

5th Harper and Townend – 42.4 pts

6th Wade and Wagstaff – 52 pts