Plenty of sleep, sun and a moderate breeze leaves Dee Caffari feeling refreshed and ready for action 6/2/06

Date5 February at 2152

PositionS 46° 12’/W 165° 43′

Wow, I did lots of that total sleep thing. Its great! I feel a whole load better and can open my eyes without squinting and do not have a headache for the first time in a couple of days.

Now I have a long list of checks and chores to do while we enjoy this great sailing without the nervous knot of anticipation in my stomach of what is about to come. I can eat in a relaxed manner and enjoy my food rather than shovel something down because I have to and then suffer with acid indigestion as my stomach tries to deal with it at odd times.

Daybreak came with 12 knots of breeze, a hoist to a full mainsail and for the first time in weeks I could open the hatches. Of course Aviva smells of roses but even they like some fresh air occasionally.

The blue sky had a scattering of stratos cloud, and the sea was reduced to an ocean swell rather than waves that can break. It had taken on a deep blue colour again and both the sea temperature and air temperature rose as the sun rose. I even removed my thermals for the middle of the day.

The domestic chores were a pleasure to carry out, as I was not bracing myself every five minutes against a crash off a wave for a change. I spent time on the deck checks and enjoyed feeling the warmth of the sun on my back. I was absorbing as much as I can, as I have the Indian Ocean to go, but then this is what the sailing will become. Having a taster today gave me an extra incentive to drive on and get back into the Atlantic so I could complain about the stifling heat and fickle winds.

Dee and Aviva