The competitors at this weekend’s Frensham Frenzy were treated to some lively racing in the gale force winds

Despite the gale force winds which forced many sailing events to be cancelled over the weekend, the relative shelter of Frensham Pond SC made racing Guildford Marine Frensham Frenzy Pursuit Race possible.

However, 40 knot gust screaming across the lake from all sorts of directions made for extremely challenging sailing conditions during the two 75-minute pursuit races.

In the morning race, Cadet sailors Jack Lees-Smith/Alex Young made the early running but by lap three Solo sailor Alan Dance had planed into the lead. Behind them there was a battle going on between the GP14 of Tim Hemsley/Stu McManus and Nick Craig in an OK, with Craig having to take a 720 degree penalty turn early on.

Craig came through downwind to take the lead on lap four. Chris Elliss/Carolyn Curwen were moving through the fleet fast in their Lark but a capsize in one of the vicious gusts meant Craig was never challenged to win from Hemsley/McManus.

Katrina and Colin Gilbert did extremely well to keep their tippy Enterprise upright for most of the race to finish third. Leading visitor Terry Curtis in an OK almost caught Elliss/Curwen on the finish line, who were fourth.

The five rescue boats were very busy with only 15 of the 30 starters finishing.

Over lunch the wind increased with whole pond turning white on occasions. Unsurpisingly, only about 15 souls ventured out for the afternoon race which got underway in one of the biggest gusts of the day. Hemsley/McManus capsized while in the lead and Craig took over pole position with the Gilberts and Curtis chasing hard. Gusts were now reaching 40 knots and with most boats capsized, several washed up on the leeward shore and a Lark transom detached from the boat, the race officer made the wise decision to cancel racing for the day.

Overall Results

1st OK, Nick Craig Frensham Pond

2nd GP14, Tim Hemsley and Stu McManus Frensham

3rd Enterprise, Katrina and Colin Gilbert Frensham

4th Lark, Chris Elliss and Carolyn Curwen Frensham

5th OK, Terry Curtis Upper Thames

6th GP14, Steph and Keith Videlo Frensham

7th Laser, Mike Redpath Frensham

8th Laser, Clive Eplett Frensham

9th OK, Graham Eliss Frensham

10th Laser, Bob Castle Frensham

Top under 21 Laser Radial, Rebecca Marriot

Top under 18 Lark, Tom Whicher and Alex Adams

Top under 15 Cadet, Jack Lees-Smith and Alex Young

Top lady Enterprise, Kartina Gilbert

Top lady crew Lark, Carolyn Curwen

Top family Enterprise, Katrina and Colin Gilbert

Top master Lark, Chris Elliss

Top visitor outside prizes Lark, J and N Hurst Parkstone

Longest swim Graham Ellis

Class prizes

Laser Redpath

Lark Elliss and Curwen

OK Craig