Round the world adventurer Adrian Flanagan has finally rounded Cape Horn 21/2/06

At 2153 GMT last night Adrian Flanagan rounded Cape Horn nearly four months after leaving the UK on his round the world solo challenge aboard the 40ft yacht Barrabas.

Flanagan took the opportunity to round the horn during a favourable high-pressure system which centred itself over the area yesterday.

Louise Flanagan, Expedition Manager, in a recent e-mail said: “A really huge milestone for Adrian is within his grasp now – to become a member of a very small and elite group of people known as The International Association of Cape Horners. The requirements for this are that ‘The Horn rounding shall be part of a non-stop passage of at least 3,000nm and shall pass through 50 degrees south in both Pacific (or Indian) and Atlantic Oceans.’ Adrian will probably be more proud of achieving this than anything else during the course of this trip. As for wearing an earring (pirates got to wear one for circling The Horn), I think he’ll probably pass!”