Solo sailor Adrian Flanagan makes the most of stable conditions as he heads for Honolulu 20/3/06

Solo sailor Adrian Flanagan now four months and 19 days into into his westabout global record attempt is currently en-route to Honolulu to pick up essential supplies see previous news story here.

Flanagan set sail from Falmouth on 28 October aboard Barrabas, an 11m stainless steel sloop and rounded Cape Horn on 20 February but damage to the boat has forced a pit stop.

Honolulu is still however, some way off, and looking at Flanagan’s position he is still 45 days away despite the current ideal, Pacific downwind conditions. Not surprisingly Flanagan is making the most of the stable conditions to not only catch up on running repairs but to take his first deck bath in eight weeks. News from the boat confirms Flanagan is in good spirits commenting: “It is so good to be in the warmer weather and down to T-shirt and shorts, though most of the time it is disappointingly overcast. I had my first deck bath in eight weeks. I was squeaking for several hours afterwards. Now we have caught hold of the south-east trade winds we are making good daily mileages of 100 nm plus.

“I put on some weight rounding Cape Horn – lots of carbohydrates to counter the cold and lack of sleep. I am changing my diet now to water-based foods such as tinned fruit and soups. All my clothes are dirty – I wash one item a day. This means that I produce water on a lower volume basis and can dry items in the oven before they go into waterproof bags to prevent mildew.”