The breeze fills in and Firefly averages 7.5 knots over 24 hours

Picture, Captain Calamity, aka James Jermain

Day 3 Posn 40 41.5N 21 36.5W 24 hour run 180nm, best speed 11.9 knots Baro 1013 Course 060M Speed 7.6 knots

Shortly after the last report the wind, at last, began to build and by midnight we were bowling along before a brisk SW 5-6, gusting to 30 knots. We averaged 7.5 – 8 knots all night and by midday recorded a 24 hour run of 180 miles.

Today the wind has veered to the NW and we are beam reaching at 7.6 knots. The only cloud in the sky is the clouds in the sky – and rain.

This morning we hooked a big fish on the ‘killer’ lure but it got away, so Captain Courageous (Robert) is making an egg mayonnaise salad for lunch. Best wishes to all and Ciao from Firefly.

Forecast. Meteo France are forecasting an increase in wind to SW F 5-7 and rough seas, but moderating on Monday and the outlook for the rest of the week is for quieter weather.