The second day of Fireball International Week in Australia

After no races completed on day one, day two dawned to sunny weather and a Force 2-3. Things were looking up. However as the fleet got ready to launch the wind disappeared once more. Well at least it was sunny and dry.

Predictions in the dinghy park were for an afternoon sea breeze. It seams some Aussie forecaster can get things right as, after a short delay, the breeze did finally kick in.

Race one got away in light but steady airs. The first to show form was local boat builder Brett Young and his crew Allen Blenkle , who took the win in the increasing breeze. Second was Ireland’s Shane MacCarthy, crewed by Roger Gilbert and in third were Britain’s David Wade and Richard Wagstaff.

With the wind steadily increasing many boats were raking their masts back for the building conditions.

Race two of the day and it was Dave Wade and Richard Wagstaff who took up the challenge for the UK as they led the race. The breeze continued to fill, sunny, windy, these were just the conditions that everyone had been waiting for.

Then with no warning a fog bank descended and with only about 20 meters visibility the race office was force to abandon the race.


1st AUS 14849, Brett Young and Allen Blenkle

2nd AUS 14834, Shane Maccarthy and Roger Gilbert

3rd GBR 14809, Dave Wade and Richard Wagstaff

4th AUS 14813, Heather Macfarlane and Chris Payne

5th CZE 14712, Tomas Musil and Jan Danek

6th AUS 14651, Garrath James and Alan Pendrigh

7th AUS 14516, Nick Ede and Bevan Jones

8th GBR 14770, Vince Horey and Jon Mildred

9th FRA 14693, Franck Juin and Pierre Perdon

10th AUS 14786, John Heywood and Brett Littledike

11th AUS 14814, Greg Allison and Richard Watson

12th GBR 14855, Richard Estaugh and Simon Potts