Dee's being doing a spot of spring cleaning aboard Aviva as she heads west from Cape Horn

Date Saturday 7 January at 23H58

Saturday marked the end of another week. That is seven weeks in total and we have covered 8,500 miles. There is a long way to go, but we are always getting closer to home. It feels that way even more so, as we are finally heading west and crossing the longitudes.

The Southern Ocean has so far surprised me by having blue skies. This has made for some great visibility to watch in wonder the bird life effortlessly soar the skies, play with the waves and check out Aviva and I. Not forgetting my friendly whales that came to see me as well.

The nights are the most confusing at the moment. I am currently about 6 hours behind UK time but even so the nights don’t seem to last for long. There is darkness for only a few hours.

I had a major spring clean today. All through the inside of Aviva so now she smells of roses again, well Lemon Flash actually! I sorted through the cupboards and had a big tidy and then sorted myself out. It must be something to do with having a flat boat as we are reaching in very light winds waiting for the low pressure to pass over us and give us stronger winds which will happen overnight. Any opportunity when Aviva is flat is a great chance to catch up with domestic chores and bilges and all the jobs that are so hard when bouncing and crashing off waves at a 30-degree angle. Even basic living is difficult in those normal upwind conditions, so it is important to take advantage when we can.

It is also a good chance to catch up on some rest without the background symphony of creaks, groans, crashes and shudders from the various parts of Aviva as she battles the elements.

Dee and Aviva