Click here to listen to Elaine Bunting's podcast with Dee Caffari this week, plus interviews with Mike Golding and sleep expert Dr Claudio Stampi

After a tremendous run south past the Equator and down the coast of Brazil, Dee Caffari has dramatically slowed for the first significant period since leaving Portsmouth on the Aviva Challenge solo round the world record on 20 November. She has trickier weather in the offing for the next, and gear maintenance issues, heat and fatigue are compounding her frustrations.

Elaine Bunting talked to Dee earlier this week, and in this week’s Aviva Challenge podcast Dee explains some of the strange things tiredness has made her do and reflects on getting Aviva prepared for rounding Cape Horn after Christmas.

Elaine also talked to Mike Golding and Dr Claudio Stampi about how single-handed sailors cope with sleep deprivation, and how the lessons learnt have been used in industry.

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