Graham Dalton joins Robin Knox-Johnston to repair broken mainsail headcar in 5-Oceans Race 20/2/07

Velux 5-Oceans competitor Graham Dalton has decided to join Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and take a pit stop to fix his broken mainsail headcar.

Interestingly Dalton has suffered the same breakage aboard A Southern Man AGD as Knox-Johnston and is currently making his way towards Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands. Apparently he has made contact with the Fisheries Department to request assistance as he draws nearer.

This will mean that Unai Basurko on Pakea currently in third place will be able to monopolise on Dalton and Knox-Johnston’s misfortune and build up valuable miles up the Atlantic.

Meanwhile, Kojiro Shiraishi in second place is reveling in the lively conditions and has taken more than 100 miles out of Bernard Stamm’s lead in the past 24 hours. Stamm, who still retains a comfortable lead of just over 1,900 miles, is currently suffering in light airs on the approach to Doldrums territory.

Chatting from the boat Stamm said: “It’s frustrating to see these obstacles appear one after another on my journey. I pray the forecasts are wrong, if not it looks like these trials are ongoing. With the help of your support and prayers, I will battle on.”