Crack to the central hull forces Brossard to abandoned Transat Jacques Vabre

Yvan Bourgnon and Charles Caudrelier have abandoned their attempt at the Transat Jacques Vabre which started yesterday from Le Havre.

According to the organizers the central hull on Brossard has a large crack level with the mast foot along half the structure. The two French skippers therefore have officially abandoned the race and are now making slow progress at 5 knots under reduced sail in a 20 knot south-westerly wind back towards either Northern Brittany, but if favourable, may be a port along the Southern coastline of Britain.

Bourgnon commented: “The crack happened at around 3am this morning: the wind and sea were pretty calm and we had just taken out the first reef and tacked to head towards the Brittany coastline. All of a sudden, I heard a massive cracking sound and saw the hull opening over my head on the deck. The crack has extended along half the main hull now? And is 3 centimetres wide! We’re okay, we’re going to try to reach Cherbourg or somewhere nearer if we have to stop before then.”