As Club Med flies towards Cape Horn she leaves records bobbing in her wake

It was always expected that records would be broken during The Race, but not quite like this. Innovation Explorer’s six day old record of 629 miles has now been broken, five times, by Club Med to leave the new 24 hour run record at an incredible 642.4 miles, that’s an average of 26.76 knots.

This is how the records fell: 631.70 miles at 0100 GMT, 634.70 at 0200, 634.8 at 0230, 641,80 at 0500 and 642.40 at 0600 GMT.

Club Med was sailing in perfect conditions: smooth sea, steady wind from the south-west, 30 to 35 knots of wind at 130°. The crew had no intention of missing such an opportunity to reclaim the title. There is every chance the record is beaten again as the maxi cat is still sailing in the same weather system.