Mark Campbell-James and Chris Law have both qualified for the championship round of the Bermuda Gold Cup match racing regatta

Britons Mark Campbell-James and Chris Law have both qualified for the championship round of the Bermuda Gold Cup in Albuoy Bay. The 21-year-old Campbell-James continues to punch well above his weight and he goes through with a win-loss score of 4-2, equaling that of Admiral’s Cup, America’s Cup and four-time British Olympic veteran Chris Law.

Campbell-James finished third in his group, ahead of the young American Andy Horton but behind Prada’s Gavin Brady, 5-1, and Peter Bromby with a polished 6-0. Bromby’s battle with Brady was a classic, as Bromby describes: “Gavin got us in trouble at the start. I remember coming off the start and saying to my crew ‘Guys, this is the one where you have to dig me out of the hole!’

“We both went head to wind after the start. Gavin went off on port tack and we got a little split going to the left. We figured our only chance was to split. God was a Bermudian and we got the better of him on the first beat.” On the second beat, Brady picked the right side and closed on the Bermudan Bromby but couldn’t get back on terms.

Law finished second in the other unseeded group behind Team Dennis Conner’s Kenny Read. The Newport North Sails man, at the helm of Giovanni Agnelli’s 92ft Steallth when she won the ACJ Round The Island race, is enjoying an excellent summer. Lars Nordjberg and Scott Dickson also qualify from Law’s group.

The two fifth placed skippers, Markus Wieser and Mårten Hedlund, will sail a best of three series to decide who will be going through to the championship stage as eighth seed.

The championship stage, beginning on Wednesday, will see GBR Challenge’s Andy Green in action alongside heavyweights such as Dennis Conner, Magnus Holmberg, Peter Holmberg and Ed Baird.

Colorcraft Gold Cup 2001, Albuoy Bay, Bermuda
Standings after round robin – Top four to qualify
Group 1:1. Peter Bromby 6-02. Gavin Brady 5-13. Mark Campbell-James 4-24. Andy Horton 3-35. Marcus Wieser 2-46. Dave Juleff 1-57. Thomas Kozyn 0-6Group 2:1. Ken Read 6-02. Chris Law 4-23. Lars Nordjberg 4-24. Scott Dickson 3-35. Mårten Hedlund 3-36. Chris Carroll 1-57. Nicky Lewin 0-6