News of British yachtsmen arrested in Gibraltar on charges of drug smuggling 11/7/07

Four British yachtsmen arrested in Gibraltar in June on charges of drug smuggling are trying to muster support to help them protest their innocence. ??Skipper Jonathan Kelway, 57, and his crew: retired banker Trevor Collenette, 56; Martin Genoccio; and his partner Kathryn Burman, met each other through the UK-based agency Crewseekers and delivered a Bénéteau 50 named Gin from St Lucia to Gibraltar on 2 May.

On board was a secret compartment just forward of the transom, which had been carefully glassed in and painted to conceal 186 slabs of cocaine with a street value of £8 million. The crew protest that they were completely unaware of the stash on board.

Customs officials reportedly cleared the yacht in at Gibraltar and returned the following day to rummage the boat, when they found the secret compartment.

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