Jean le Cam and his crew have won the Cagliari Grand Prix with a seven point clear lead

Jean le Cam and his crew won the Cagliari Grand Prix with a seven point clear lead. With one fourth and six seconds, Bonduelle never won a race but was always among the leaders. Good tactics and good performance to windward compensated for her cautious starts

Before the last race, both Fujifilm (19 points) and Groupama (20 points) were candidates for the second step of the podium. To take it however, Groupama had to finish two positions ahead of her rival, and typically Franck Cammas and his crew responded to the pressure to secure second in the race, but it was a very close run.

During the last race of the day, Groupama’s skipper managed to keep Foncia between him and Loïck Peyron, except on the last leg, when Fujifilm almost caught up. As Groupama was about to cross the line, Alain Gautier and his crew did not put up much resistance to Fujifilm’s comeback, who managed to take second behind Groupama, and steal back enough points to take second overall, much to the disappointment of Franck Cammas and his crew aboard Groupama.

Ellen MacArthur and Alan Gautier did not live up to their own expectations in Cagliari, but this is just the second grand prix of its type, and it will take time for them to compete on equal terms with the likes of Peyron, Le Cam and Frank Cammas, men of much greater multihull experience.

Top three overall ranking after 7 races

1- Bonduelle (Jean Le Cam) 16 points

2- Fujifilm (Loïck Peyron) 23 points

3- Groupama (Franck Cammas) 24 points