Ecover keeps the pressure on as Bonduelle leads the 1000 milles de Calais

Ecover has closed down on the leader Bonduelle overnight and at 0600 GMT had moved up from 28 miles to 19.9 miles from the front of the pack.

Bonduelle has taken a little less than 24 hours to cross the Irish Sea, shadowed by Ecover. The duo had less than two hours between them as they passed Land’s End but the gap between them has closed down considerably. With Ecover currently making around 2 knots more boat speed than Bonduelle.

Earlier today Jean Le Cam was reaching in 15 knots of wind. “We’re making good speed” said crew Ronan Le Goff this morning. “We’re under full main and Solent and making 13 knots. But Ecover are on the attack behind us!”

There has been no news from Ecover this morning but doubtless they will remain on the warpath all the way to Calais.