Team Artemis is just about to cross Round Britain and Ireland Race finish off Cowes 14/8/06

Jonny Malbon and team aboard the Open 60 Artimis Ocean Racing are closing in on the finish of the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race. At 0615 this morning they were just off Dover 176 miles from the finish and should arrive at Cowes sometime this morning.

Revelling in the perfect north to north-westerly breeze, Team Artemis is 150miles ahead of second placed Solune and if the breeze holds out they should extend their lead further once round the corner into the Channel. However, still leading on handicap is Ger O’Rourke’s Kingspan-Chieftain who’s now 191 miles from the leader and enjoying a close race with Piet Vroon’s Formidable 3. These two are now vying for an overall race win.

Overall standings (at 0615 this morning)
1 Kingspan – Chieftain, Gerard O’Rourke Ireland
2 Formidable 3, Piet Vroon Netherlands
3 Noonmark VI,Mike Gilburt U.K
4 Artemis, Johnny Malbon U.K
5 Solune, Jean-Philippe Chomette France