As well as preparing for the start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart race tomorrow the crew of Aint Misbehavin have been celebrating Christmas, big style

With only one day till the start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, the crew of Aint Misbehavin is celebrating Christmas. The chaotic training and preparation are over and the crew will desert their yacht for a much-needed break and forget about sailing for a while.

Weather reports have shown that this year’s conditions are unlikely to remind anyone of the tough conditions of years past. There should be light to moderate winds from the east for the first two days, and then it should come up to the north and push them into Hobart for a fast and flawless end.

Today is Christmas and they are celebrating the holidays down under at a pool party in Bondi Beach. The documentary team following Aint Misbehavin will be joining the party to host their pre-race interviews. Aint Misbehavin’s spirits are higher than usual given the weather updates, the cessation of their demanding training schedule, the holidays, and their last minute sponsorship by ‘Slimming Pants.’ These easy-going guys began their Christmas celebrations last night after the close of their final training sail at the yacht club bar. One crewmember adorned a pair of the sponsoring undergarments and paraded around the yacht club handing out pairs. In the spirit of Christmas, two of the crewmembers wrote up ‘Christmas Greetings from Aint Misbehavin’ and put the messages along with pairs of slimming pants in the cockpits of the other racing yachts. Today they are expecting watches, cellphones, patches to quit smoking, and health insurance from the other competitors’ sponsors.

There will be contact with the crew aboard Aint Misbehavin during the race, so stay tuned for updates.