Champagne GH Mumm introduce team of adventurers to race at Skandia Cowes Week

Tomorrow Champagne G.H. Mumm will be celebrating Skandia Cowes Week joined by an auspicious team of high-achieving adventurers: Bear Grylls, Neil Laughton and Tom Avery. All three will be taught to race on Extreme 40s by BT team ambassador Dame Ellen MacArthur before taking to the water at 1430 for the “Mountains meet the Oceans” race.

Bear Grylls, who was brought up on the Isle of Wight and is a keen sailor, became the first person to Paramotor over Mount Everest last year. He has been a friend of G.H Mumm since he took part in the Champagne G.H.Mumm Altitude Challenge – when he hosted the highest formal dinner party in the world at 25,000 ft.

Crewman number two is Ambassador, adventurer, mountaineer, polar explorer and aviator Neil Laughton. Neil is in the process of launching the ultimate new form of flight – the world’s first road legal, bio-fuelled flying car which will make its maiden journey from London to Timbuktu (crossing the Sahara Desert) in March next year. He and Bear will be joined tomorrow by voyager number three Tom Avery. Three years ago Tom reached the North Pole (covering 413 nautical miles) in less than 37 days. He next plans to recreate a historic journey across Greenland.

The G.H. Mumm ‘Mountains meet the Oceans’ race will take place at 1430 when the Adventure Team race against sporting personalities and a team of journalists on the JP Morgan Asset Management X40. The day’s activity will culminate in the annual G.H. Mumm ‘Cordon Rouge Party’ when the teams will toast the forthcoming Vendée Globe sailors Alex Thomson, Mike Golding, Dee Caffari and Brian Thompson and wish them well in their forthcoming solo, round-the-world race.