New, interesting design from WallyDesign and Luca Bassani 8/3/07

Is this where Disney World and Wally meet? Once again WallyDesign and Luca Bassani, the lateral thinking man behind the iconic Wally brand, have come up with an idea so off the wall, someone somewhere is bound to pick it up and run with it.

“What about a megayacht where you can comfortably live as if it were your own estate?” ask Wally. This 99m (325ft) mega yacht is the result. You can have a park and a swimming pool, a full size tennis court, a three-pad helicopter deck, a mini soccer pitch or maybe a combination.

On the aft deck there’s room for a couple of 28ft fixed keel sailing boats, two vans (could these be swapped for something a little sportier, we wonder?), six jetskis, two Wallypower 47 powerboats and heaps of other toys, including two Laser dinghies.

Twelve guests can live in total luxury or the accommodation can be converted for 24. There’s a library, cinema, ‘wellness’ centre and cabins for 40 crew.

There are some pleasant surprises. “The price of WallyIsland is very competitive because she has a ‘commercial’ look with no fairing or paint – the megayacht resembles a tanker and the rough finish contributes to her unique appeal,” claim Wally.

Perhaps the most extraordinary feature is the yacht’s propulsion system. With three-quarters of a million litres of fuel contained in massive tanks and generators running an electric Azipod propulsion system, the yacht has an astounding 15,000nm range which equates to, on average, five years of ‘steaming’.

One would have to question her carbon footprint, but with all that foliage pumping goodness into the atmosphere, maybe it’s not as big as one would imagine.

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