How to tell your Sonar from your SKUD

Are you having trouble recognising the Paralympic class boats? Or understanding what types of disability are able to sail which type of boat? From 1 September to 6 September, three gold medals will be up for grabs by 80 competitors: in the Single-Person Keelboat, Two-Person Keelboat and Three-Person Keelboat.

The athletes are classified based on their ability to perform the sport using a point system: the higher the points, the greater the ability.

Matt Grier, the RYA Disability Racing Development Coach, has provided a very simple introduction to the three Paralympic classes that will be competing.

Watch Matt below:

Sonar – Each crew of three is allowed a maximum of 14 points between them.
Skud 18 – One sailor has a more severe level of disability (equivalent to a class one or two) while the other must have a minimum level of disability that prevents them competing on equal terms with able-bodied sailors. One crew member must be female.
2.4mR – Single-handed sailors must have a minimum level of disability. The sailors compete in fleet racing, where all boats in the same class race at the same time.

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