Britain’s Paul Goodison is out of the medals, here’s what he said as he stepped ashore

A popular and well liked team member, Paul Goodison is an emotional character and it is hardly surprising. He’s seen extreme highs and lows, losing in Athens, winning in China but today saw him low once again after his medal hopes disappeared.

“It’s a disappointment to be stood here now,” he said. “It’s been four years of hard work going into the campaign. I’ve had so much help from so many people that I almost feel like I’ve let them all down. I felt sure coming into this in the last three weeks that we had a really good chance of retaining this title.

“My speed was the best its ever been in the breeze my confidence was high and my knowledge of these sailing areas was better than anyone else in this fleet. It’s pretty heart breaking when your back goes at the start of the second race. I tried to put a brave face on it but after the second day it was pretty obvious that it was going to be hard to come out on top by the end of the week.

“I still wanted to go out there and try my hardest but when you’re sailing at 80 percent the others are going to catch you.

“It doesn’t feel as horrific as Athens did eight years ago because I think that its been taken away from me and that if I felt 100 percent I’d be right up there.”

A sad end to a promising campaign.