Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for the sailor who has it all? Yachting World is here to help with 41 great ideas

21. Sealskinz waterproof hat

Keeping your head warm and dry is vital to enjoying winter sailing. This waterproof hi-vis Sealskinz Bobble hat looks like the ideal way of achieving that, while making sure you can be spotted easily. It is water and stain repellent, with a Teflon coated acrylic outer fabric and micro fleece inner lining.


22. Ocean Signal rescueMe MOB1

Ocean Signal rescueMe MOB1

Christmas gift ideas: Ocean Signal rescueMe MOB1

The more portable personal rescue devices are, the more likely they will be worn or carried. Ocean Signal’s new MOB1 is 30% smaller than competitor AIS MOB devices.

It can alert any AIS-equipped vessels in the vicinity to the precise location of a casualty in the water, and it will fit on any inflatable lifejacket’s oral tube. It also includes DSC alerting so can both pinpoint a MOB location via AIS, plus trigger the yacht’s own VHF alarm.


23. SOG Multitool with proper blade

Christmas gift ideas: multitool with proper blade

Most multitools are at best a compromise, which means that while they’re useful for quick jobs that would be a faff if you had dig around in a tool box, they are not good for serious work.

On any yacht the most challenging task you might be engaged in without warning is to cut a line. SOG’s Reactor RC1001-CP has a proper blade, which maximises the chances of cutting a problematic loaded line before a tense situation spins out of control.

Price £65.

24. Exposure XS-WR Torch

Christmas gift ideas: Exposure XS-WR torch

Christmas gift ideas: Exposure XS-WR torch

This compact, lightweight double-ended torch shines a powerful white beam from one end and a red light from the other. Both can be operated simultaneously for a variety of uses from onboard, to the tender ride or cycle home.

Accessories include a headband that allows either colour to shine forwards, a reflective neck lanyard, plus stanchion, helmet and magnetic mounts.


25. Touchscreen gloves

Xmas gifts

Christmas gift ideas: Touchscreen gloves

Those who need to swipe screens in colder climes can now keep their digits warm too with Mujjo’s latest fleece-lined touchscreen gloves. These nitted versions have black leather cuffs and anti-slip palms with silicon grip dots.

Price from €24.95.

26. Splash Drone

Splash Drone

Christmas gift ideas: Splash Drone

This is the first fully waterproof quad copter – and it floats. The drone is not only designed to carry a GoPro, but has a payload release feature for carrying and releasing other items, including safety gear. SwellPro has released the 3rd generation of the SplashDrone, with improved features, including a ‘follow me’ mode. Use it to capture some unique footage of your yacht, take a beer to a friend, or even drop a life-ring to a casualty in the water.

Price US$1,378.

27. TackingMaster

Tacking Master

Christmas gift ideas: Tacking Master

Race tactics involve decisions based on the wind direction and trends, gleaned from the yacht’s compass. This Danish TackingMaster helps make wind shifts quick and easy to gauge using a watch-style wrist mount.

Once the wind direction and course to the mark have been set, you can track any shifts by using its inner course dial. So you can easily see how a shift may affect the next tack or leg and keep track of the average wind trend.

Price $75.

28. Restube

Christmas gift ideas: Restube safety device

Christmas gift ideas: Restube safety device

Anyone who partakes in extreme watersports will know there are times when wearing a lifejacket is simply not practical afloat. And others may simply want the comfort of a personal flotation device without the bulk, perhaps when taking a swim away from an anchored yacht.

The Restube is a personal lifebuoy developed by a kitesurfer that stows into a small bum-bag like pouch. It uses a vertical or horizontal belt attachment, and a sports model is available with a harness mount.

From €59.95

29. Dr Sails

Christmas gift ideas: DrSails epoxy adhesive

 If I were to recommend one piece of repair kit to carry aboard it would probably be this emergency epoxy adhesive. The fast curing epoxy can be used on sails plus most materials in virtually all conditions – including underwater – so it can even help patch a hole below the waterline. Watch the video here

From €15.75 for 10ml.

30. Thuraya Satsleeve+

Xmas gifts

Christmas gift ideas: Satsleeve+ for smartphones

A Satsleeve turns your mobile phone into a satphone. It wraps around the phone, utilising the mobile’s internal electronics and encodes and boosts the signal for connection to the Thuraya satellite network. The SatSleeve+ has a universal adapter, so the user can switch between most smartphone models from 58 to 85mm in width.

£447 or £5 per day to rent from

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