A glimpse from our test of Sirena Marine’s new Azuree 46 in Turkey

‘How was Turkey?’

Friends and colleagues have been asking after my return from Istanbul last week following our visit to Pendik to test this attractive new Azuree 46. It was one of those trips where one mentally refuses to acknowledge the forecast. “5ºC and raining? It can’t be – I’ll pack a pair of shorts, it’s Turkey…” How wrong the like-minded UK contingent were (myself, naval architect Tom Humphreys and photographer Lester McCarthy who took this evening light shot). Shorts and shades were certainly not needed. The weather was, frustratingly, as forecast.
Still, despite the inhospitable climate, we did manage some pleasant albeit predominantly light winded sailing. Thankfully the Azuree 46 is the type of modern, well-engineered performance cruiser that still rewards in such drab conditions. But it still leaves a pang of disappointment that we were not able to sample this powerful looking boat in the breeze and rolling swells she seems born for. Conversely, the first boat launched is due to be competing in the RORC Caribbean 600 in mid February. Now that could be pushing a shakedown sail to the exhilaration limit.
As the picture shows, the Humphreys design team has blessed her with some sweet, refined lines. And she includes some trends that Rob Humphreys is as versed in as any – namely the aft beam and chine plus twin rudder combination.

Having tested the first yacht from builders Sirena Marine, the Azuree 40, I can say that the styling and finish of this 46 throughout is an impressive step up in quality. With the Kirac Group’s backing this is an impressively financed yard with reaching ambitions. Their systematic automotive production approach results in attractive pricing too (€259k base price for the 46).

A new German Frers designed Euphoria range will also launch later this spring with the introduction of a 54 footer. Prepare to hear big things from this Turkish yard with big plans.

Our full report on the Azuree 46 will follow in a forthcoming issue.