Want to know what BMW Oracle’s wing masted trimaran looks like at 25+ knots? Here’s a video taster

As we tracked BMW Oracle’s trimaran during her second day of crew training in Valencia the coastline sunk beneath the horizon with alarming speed.

In just 6-8 knots of true breeze she was sitting pretty at 25+ knots of boat speed.

I’ll say that again, just in case you think it’s a typo!

Six to 8 knots of true breeze, 25+ knots of boat speed.

Now sporting an even taller solid wing mast following the addition of another panel at the tip, her mast is now just slightly short of 70m tall.

I’ll say that in imperial units, just in case you can’t visualise it – 230ft tall. That’s greater than the full wingspan of a Being 747-400 which measures in at a weedy 64.67 m (212 ft 2in).

So here’s what she looked like on a run that hit and sustained 29 knots at times!