Can Oracle survive another day or will the Kiwis take the Cup home?

The fact is, no one knows what to think anymore when it comes to forecasting today’s cliffhanger Race 12. Will the Cup be decided today as the Kiwis take the first race, or will Oracle save their skins and win the first race before the second one is blown off for the day? No one knows.

But that doesn’t stop people from having an opinion here around the AC Park. The difference is that now the conversation is all about what would be good for the event versus what is good for the nerves, flight times, hotel bookings and other commitments.

Once again, there’s a anxious feel about the place with people breaking out into spontaneous laughter as if admitting that they simply don’t know any more as they resign themselves to the next ride on the AC big dipper.

What we do know is that the weather forecast for today is a mirror image of yesterday, 14-18knots but with slightly less tide for the first race, around 0.8knot.

The trouble is that yesterday the event was caught out as the breeze bust through the upper wind limit for the second race. If Oracle can claim a win in the first race, and I certainly wouldn’t put it past them, and race 2 gets blown off, there’s a chance that the event could press on for yet another day.

Of the few grains of evidence that might give us an indication of the outcome, the start entry might provide a clue. Oracle is coming in on port on both races today and as we’ve seen and as the skippers have acknowledged, this is the favoured entry.

On the other hand, if the Kiwis win the place will erupt and, what has surely been the most spectacular Cup since 1983 will be over.

More news later.