Or does it? What does the team's artist impression reveal?


If you wanted to see why the world’s top professional sailors fear sailing the monster multihulls that will form the basis of the next America’s Cup, Alinghi’s latest revelation provides an illustration of the scale of the new beasts.

An in-house artist’s impression of what the Cup holder’s weapon of choice for the 33rd America’s Cup might look like was revealed today, Saturday 13 June.

The illustration claims to compare the approximate size and aspect of the new boat to the AC Class V5.0 yacht which won the 32nd America’s Cup in Valencia and the Décision 35 which races on Lake Geneva.

When compared to a version 5 Cup boat it’s huge, but we knew it would be. Even if this was simply a monohull, (I’ll come on to that later), the new breed of Deed of Gift Cup boat would dwarf the previous generation and give her crew something to think about. But, we’re told, she’s a multihull and therefore I guess hideously powerful.

But just how many hulls make up Alinghi’s new boat isn’t clear, deliberately so I suspect. From this picture she could simply be a slender monohull that can somehow float above the surface – unlikely though. Cat or tri? We still don’t know. But is that a foil just abaft the mast or the water refracting the light on the daggerboard?

What we can see is that recent rumours suggesting that she might be a two masted affair are untrue. Beyond that, it’s difficult to say anything more other than, bring on the techno-fest.