More on the subject of what makes a striking brand identity...


Answers to the little quiz about yacht logos : from left to right, they are the symbols of the Phantom dinghy, Trapper, Shipman and Tartan Yachts respectively.

As yacht manufacturers strive to look more corporate, familiar logos sometimes get updated to reflect a less traditional brand identity. Moody is an example that springs to mind. The old steering wheel logo underwent several upgrades and is superceded by a device that looks a bit like double quotation marks.

Not that we should talk. Yachting World long ago followed the fad for these little tick/swoosh dingbats when we added a flying saucer above the letter ‘i’. I forget the reason, but if I’m not mistaken the main one was that everyone else was getting swooshed.

Obviously there’s a fine line between boring and bland, and original but vaguely back-of-a-fag-packet. But maybe, after all, there is a good case to be made for the attention-grabbing.

Below are my suggestions for (left to right): Gunboat yachts, Moody, the Pogo 40 and – what else? – Tartan.

Further cigarette packet/PhotoShop doodles welcome.