An idea for a keel that moves fore and aft as well as side to side


More on the movable ‘fish ballast’ idea proposed by Australian farmer and inventor Nico Sieling.

1The ballast is moved to windward on a vertical shaft inside the main keel.

2You would move the ballast bulb by a means of a pulley at the top and a vertical capstan and worm drive, which can be driven by a winch handle or electric motor.

3The bulb swings through 180° when you tack – you’d have to engage a clutch to stop it where you wanted

4A refined design is for bearings that allow a fish-shaped bulb to be rotated through 360°, so it could also move fore and aft to trim the boat.

I can imagine a few hitches with this idea, but if you’d like to know more you can contact Nico Sieling through his website www.rotacon . And check out that badass stumpgrinder.

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