Sounds like the Class 40s are gathering speed



More emails about the Class 40.

Designer Allen Clarke reports: ‘We have sold two Class 40 to the US, both will be based on the east coast. We have sold in total seven semi-custom Class 40 from Jaz Marine and Composite Creations and seven production Express Class 40 from Sail Ventures (pictured right).

Betsy Crowfoot neatly managed to bridge several topics in the one email: ‘My friend Sue Senescu is seriously considering the new Antrim 40 for our Transpac ’09 (all gal) campaign. She and her husband have an Antrim 27 Rattle & Hum and are fans of Jim’s. My favorite name for my just-for-girls race boat is still ‘Wet Posse’

Just to recap, the Class 40 ( more here ) is for anyone looking the challenge of their life. This is the affordable ticket to two-handed and single-handed races like the Transat, epics like the Transat Jacques Vabre and the Route du Rhum, and soon you’ll be able to race one around the world in Josh Hall’s and Brian Hancock’s Portimão Global Ocean Challenge .

Betsy kindly added: ‘Elaine, it is so good to see you creating a ruckus in the stodgy halls of yachtdom. As a writer I am especially glad to see your ‘higher ups’ at the magazine support you and whatever you have to say!’

Ohmigod!! I knew there was something I hadn’t done this week.