See how this year's solo round the world challengers compare


I mentioned in the story below about Thomas Coville’s Sodeb’O that the two big trimarans challenging Ellen MacArthur’s 71-day non stop solo round the world record this winter are bigger and more powerful than her B&Q.

Designer Nigel Irens sent me this comparative drawing that shows the differences well. B&Q is in the middle, flanked by Francis Joyon’s IDEC on the left and Thomas Coville’s Sodeb’O on the right.

You can see that Sodeb’O is longer (32m compared with 29.7m) and has greater sail area; what you can’t see is that she also has curved foils and a canting mast, whereas Joyon has opted to keep things simple.

Obviously Coville will have the edge in lighter winds, but both boats will spend most of the time reefed down.