Pete Kyne, his 17-year-old son, and one other crew rescued after his catamaran is holed


One of our forum regulars, who was sailing across the Atlantic from Las Palmas, has been rescued 750 miles from the Caribbean.

Pete Kyne (right), from St Mary’s in the Scilly Isles, his 17-year-old son Adam and one other crewmember were rescued from their Prout Quest 31 catamaran Spam this afternoon when their boat was dismasted and holed, and began sinking.

Kyne called Falmouth Coastguard just after 1100GMT. Falmouth MRCC contacted the ARC organisers to muster assistance and also broadcast a distress relay to vessels in the area.

Falmouth Coastguard advised the crew to make ready their liferaft but stay with the yacht.

Falmouth Coastguard noted: ‘Mr Kyne remained calm on the satellite phone reporting his distress situation and was well equipped to be able to deal with his situation until we could get help to him.’

The nearest yacht diverted to Spam’s position and picked Pete Kyne and his crew up this afternoon. All are safe and are now heading for St Lucia.

The crew of Spam had been having a few problems, including broken steering and they were helming using their emergency tiller.