Yachting journalism is a hard and labour-intensive task. It's official...

The America’s Cup media centre has come up with more interesting statistics and one set particularly amused me.

Over 1,800 international journalists have been accredited for the Louis Vuitton Cup, working for 416 publications, radio and TV stations. They say: ‘Over 50 000 articles related to the 32nd America’s Cup [have been] published since 2004’.

Can that be right? If so, it means each journalist who has been to Valencia has written an average of 9.2 articles about the America’s Cup per year. And it has also taken an average of four journalists for each publication represented.

So don’t let anyone tell you that writing about sailing for a living isn’t hard work. It’s tough, labour-intensive and dedicated work.

Oh, and I’m off to Valencia myself tomorrow. I’ll see if I can get a story out of it.

Or does this count as one already?