This used to be a sailing story. *Sigh* Anyway, another photo....


I laughed this morning when I read a letter in US Scuttlebutt from what sounds like an American banker (surely Cockney rhyming slang?) who says the photo I used below of a woman’s breasts is pornographic and should carry a disclaimer.

In the UK, it is the right of every working man to view a nice pair every morning while drinking tea in his van and if you fired every one of these trained aesthetes our whole society would come to a grinding halt.

Breasts are regarded as objects of beauty and personal pride, their purpose higher than the mere sexual gratification of men. Any European man will tell you the business cleavage is to be found elsewhere. And, no, don’t ask I’m not posting any photos.

Now, can we get back to rude boat names? Many of those, it turns out, are quite degrading and insulting to women and their bodies, but that’s OK apparently because text is fine – you can read it on your work computer with impunity.