On the subject of subscription content to fund a racing campaign

From David Fuller on raising money for racing campaigns from subscription content:

‘The yacht racing industry does live in a bubble sometimes.

There have been numerous attempts at this kind of thing. People auctioning sponsorship parcels on eBay. People covering their F1 car with 5000 names.

‘Athletes selling shares on the stockmarket in themselves with the promise of a share of future prize money. The numbers on the current Ireland Rugby jersey are made up of people’s names who have given money.

‘Social media could be an interesting way of ‘crowdfunding’ a sponsorship, but the offer would have to be extremely compelling. And the £36 question is. What do I get in return?

‘Or is this more like sponsoring a starving African child, because if that is the comparison, my money is not going to the bloke who wants to go sailing.’