Are quirky pets the internet's untapped mega celebrities?

Our friends at Practical Boat Owner have some great ideas. Dammit. One of the genius features they have online is their photogallery of sea dogs (here).

For example, look at this little chap here. Aaaaah. How come he’s outside and the photographer is cosily down below? Story??


Fluffy pup


I had no idea pets could be significant internet celebrities until last week.

The big fella pictured top is a familiar sight to anyone who works on our parent company IPC Media’s magazines in London. He lolls around close to our offices on Bankside, rarely bothering to stir a stump if you speak to him – except if he thinks you’ve got food.

He’s like a cross between Simon’s Cat, Bagpuss and Garfield.

I decided to take a few snaps of him and showed them to Maggie, our editorial artist, saying: “Do you recognise this?” Maggie just laughed and replied: “Yes, that’s Fat Cat of Southwark. He’s famous. He’s got his own Facebook page.”

And so he does. It’s called the Fat Cat of Southwark Appreciation Society (check it out here), and there are 299 members and lots of photos of the ‘unfailingly friendly, inexplicably grubby, and really truly honest-to-God unbelievably fat’ feline.

Apparently Fat Cat also appears three different times on Google Streetview. Is that a pet record?

So I’m sensing there’s a gap here for sea cats. We want to hear from them. Can we put yours on the map? Email us if you’ve got any good photos.