Don't miss this talk by expedition guru Skip Novak at the Southampton Boat Show

To sail in Tierra del Fuego is to meet the elements in the raw. I’ve sailed here twice and I’m looking forward to the next chance to go back. The scenery is monumental and spectacular.

The sailing can be challenging at times and demands a high level of seamanship, one reason why it is still so untouched. You feel as if you are on a true pioneering voyage of exploration.

But for anyone with the right boat, the time and the determination, it’s a very achieveable destination, and here’s an ideal chance to hear about to plan and prepare to sail there.

A special talk called ‘Preparing for Patagonia’ is being given during the Southampton Boat Show by legendary sailor and mountaineer Skip Novak. It is being run by World Cruising Club, which has launched a section of the 2015 World ARC rounding the tip of South America.

Skip’s talk about the area and seamanship and preparation issues will be held between 1000 and 1200 on Sunday 15 September. The session is free to attend for World ARC sailors, with £15 charge for others. The registration fee also includes a free Southampton Boat Show ticket.

Pre-registration is recommended at

It will focus on how to prepare boats and crew for the rigorous conditions in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, where self-sufficiency and meticulous preparation are the keys to a safe and enjoyable voyage.

The two-hour presentation will cover aspects of planning the voyage, the practicalities of cruising the region and an overview of some of the places on the route.

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And while on the subject, don’t miss our 12-part series by Skip on Storm Sailing techniques, prepared and filmed by us earlier this year. It starts in the October issue, which is out next week.