What to do if you hit a container. You'd never guess it yourself

Insurance brokers Navigators & General have come up with a helpful checklist to reduce the risks of hitting a semi-submerged object which, they point out, could ‘put you in a dangerous position, particularly if you are disabled and taking water a long way from shore’.

‘If you suspect contact with an underwater object:

? Hand over the helm to a suitably experienced member of crew
? In a controlled manner, head below to inspect any damage
? Lift floorboards and check for water ingress into the bilge.
? Soft wood plugs can be extremely useful to fill sheared skin fittings.’

And in case you’re thinking about containers here, it seems they are the least of your worries. N&G point out that they see more claims relating to boats that have hit submerged cars and supermarket trolleys. You just can’t be too careful out there.