Our furry friends as ideal crewmates

A while ago I wrote about pets on board (here) as the untapped mega celebrities of the sailing world.

Some of you responded with photos of your own canine and feline crew – here are two.

The dog below is called Musto and although he sails on board he prefers the dinghy trips to and fro.

I particularly like the lazy tabby above who looks so supremely at home on the saloon table. It’s simply far too much effort to move into a berth.

This is Fat Cat of the Caribbean and his owner says he has two Atlantic crossings to his credit, is well-known throughout the islands “and is often found comatose at the ship’s table. He probably got fat drinking ‘rum in de islands’.”

I wonder if perchance he and my good friend and internet celebrity Fat Cat of Southwark are are related?

For those of you off on holiday on board, or recently returned, please do send us some of your favourite photos of loyal seadogs and seacats.

Musto the dog