See some of the most beautiful and gritty portraits of sailors we’ve ever seen set to music and their own words


Take a look at this great collection of animated stills images
of the Team GBR sailors set to music, with their comments about competing at
the Olympic. It’s by
photographer Robert Wilson, whose special commission to snap the sailors led to
some of the grittiest and most eye-catching sailing portraits I’ve ever seen.

They form an exhibition named Blown Away, sponsored by Skandia.
TV coverage may dominate mainstream media thinking, but in my humble opinion these are a brilliant graphic
demonstration of the unique power of the still image to evoke emotion and
reaction from the observer.

Wilson’s purpose was to show sailing’s raw
athleticism and to dispel the idea that, despite being conducted largely
sitting down, it is in any way sedentary. Apparently some people still think
sailing’s a bit of a lardy pastime.

Robert Wilson had never shot on the water before he took this job and on day
one he lost a £6,000 camera body and two lenses. An expensive day on the water.