YW at the US Sailboat Show


If I added up the number of days I have spent at boat shows it would probably be years rather than weeks. This year I have celebrated my 37th London Boat Show and 38th Southampton Show. So why, weeks after the latter, should I choose to fly 3,000 miles to yet another boat show, the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis?

Annapolis is a very special show. To begin with it is only sailing boats and lasts just 5 days. Secondly the sailing culture is very different to that in Europe and makes for a fascinating comparison. Then the show itself is very relaxed and charmingly unsophisticated. And the city of Annapolis itself is wonderful.

All of this adds up to my favourite boat show and one which I always look forward to. The local seafood is pretty good as well.

Pictured here at the Yachting World booth are Publishing Director Simon Owen and Head of Marketing Richard Shead.