Late train? Money back no problem

Sorry this is not about sailing.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been on jury service. If you’ve ever done this you’ll know how incredibly tedious it can be. In by 10.15, hang about for several hours and if you’re lucky you might be called. I have been once only for the case to be suspended. Otherwise you sit around gathering dust only to be told you can go home by mid-afternoon.

Now this story entails South West Trains. In my advancing years I now have what is euphemistically called a ‘Freedom Pass’ which entitles me to free train, bus and Tube travel after the rush hour. In the case of the train this is 9.30. The train I catch to get to Court is at 9.24 so I have to purchase a ‘six minute ticket’, or three stops. I did so this morning only to hear that the train was delayed for 10 minutes. And you know what? The ticket seller came striding briskly down the platform with a hand full of change to give me my money back. SWT gets a lot of stick from fed-up commuters about delayed trains. But this service means that they get my vote every day.