Jason meets the Irish Sea in poor shape, as the Round Britain & Ireland Challenge heads west

Since my last report I have passed on the delights of the ship’s table d’hôte, forgoing such choice ready meals as spicy vegetable rigatoni. Instead, I am dining à la carte. Yes, dry crackers are back on the menu again.

We are now in the Irish Sea and have encountered much rougher weather. The yacht has taken a hammering and so have I. We were changing down from the yankee 1 to yankee 2 because the wind was increasing, but a wave caught the sail and tore out the second hank from the head.

The rough seas have had a similarly debilitating effect on me. Our Dutch crewmember, Rinus, has done a wonderful repair job; my recovery may take a little longer.

These lines have been dictated from my bunk to my watch buddy, Paul, who is proving as able an amanuensis as he is a sailor.

I hope I am in better shape for my next report.