This beautifully shot short film illustrates the ripple effect caused as America's Cup racing changed from part-time foiling to full flight

Foiling has changed the America’s Cup forever. The speeds the AC50 catamarans achieve are exhilarating to watch, and behind this lies perhaps the biggest technological leap in any sport over such a short time.

The ripple effect of this ultra-fast evolution has been felt in every area of in every single aspect of the campaigns and all the work they do. This great short film captures how momentous this period of America’s Cup racing has been. To get an insight into how and why, don’t miss this superb (and beautifully shot) video by Altair Engineering, called Surface to Air.

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Altair is a technical supplier to Swedish team Artemis Racing, working with them on composites development, aerodynamics simulation, structural optimisation, and fluid-structure interaction. In this film the Artemis team looks at how speeds have impacted on risks for the crew, the safety measures and diligence they have had to put in place, and the perennial America’s Cup issue of espionage.

The stakes are high in every area – this captures it.