The X6 is a bold design – a yacht that will place most others of her size firmly in the shade.

The new ‘X’ line fills the gap between X-Yachts’ performance (Xp) and cruising (Xc) range and includes the new X4 (see YW X4 video) as well as this semi-custom X6. But where the X4 is visually similar to the Xp range, the X6 is a completely different animal, inside and out, with a healthy dose of testosterone and raw contemporary appeal.

To descend the bare teak steps of the shallow companionway is to witness a new dawn for X-Yachts. The formidable natural light illuminates a mix of finishes including bare teak, clear-coat carbon, stainless steel and walnut – all modern, light, and fresh looking. Yes we’ve seen a lot of raised saloon models before, but this has lashings of added panache.

Stand in the saloon and you are at the perfect height for near-panoramic views, including that most prized angle looking forward over the flush foredeck. The amount of natural light in the saloon and galley is phenomenal.

Lift up the floorboards in the saloon and you’ll find high-calibre engineering: X-Yachts’s galvanised steel grid immediately imparts peace of mind; the tanks and batteries are all centrally positioned for optimum weight management and the hoses and wire looms are housed in metal cradles to keep them neatly together and out of the bilges. The plywood soles are thicker than those used in my house. I’m told that matching the walnut veneer in those lengths was somewhat tricky.

For an up-close look inside and out, take a look at the video.