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Cowes Radio logoYachting World brings you all the latest thrills and spills from the Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week.

Listen to the live commentary from Cowes Radio, watch the moment when a supertanker collided with a racing yacht on Saturday or check out the pictures of the Extreme 40 catamaran capsizing yesterday.


Cowes Week- Day 6

Cowes Week-Day 5

YW’s Elaine Bunting races with newly-wed Zara Phillips

YW’s Editor David Glenn spends the day racing with the Daring class

YW’s Jonathon Medway reports on racing at Cowes

Cowes Week- Day 4

Cowes Week – Day 3

Cowes Week Day 2

Cowes Week – Day 1


Highlights of day six at Cowes

Further highlights from day five

Highlights of day five 

Highlights of day four at Cowes

Ewan McGregor, Zara Phillips and Natalie Pinkham sail at Cowes Week

Highlights of day three

Cowes Week 2011 Day 3

Highlights of day two at Cowes

Highlights of day one at Cowes

Extreme 40 capsize at Cowes Week 2011

Extreme 40 catamaran capsize at Cowes


Supertanker collides with yacht