Who are they for? Custom polarised sunglasses for those who want a touch of individual style and quality lenses at an affordable price. Contact: www.sungod.co

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  • • Polarising lenses
  • • Lightweight and comfortable
  • • Design your own personal glasses


  • • None really


SunGod Classics2 sunglasses review

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I like sunglasses and have accrued a growing collection of assorted pairs. Rarely do I part with much money for them however, as I see little point when I know they will get scratched, broken or occasionally lost overboard. That said, I really notice the difference when using a pair with polarising lenses. Cheap lenses just don’t cope with glare on the water.

Over the last couple of years I have used and been impressed with Gill’s sailing sunglasses – particularly for durability. Its range is cost effective and the lenses polarised. But earlier this season I was introduced to SunGod by a sailing friend and now I have an added element of style to my collection.

Never have I received so many compliments about an accessory. However, the best bit about these sunglasses is not their looks, but their comfort. They are really lightweight and so flexible that you barely notice them when they rest on your head. And the (replaceable) lenses are excellent. The polycarbonate material is scratchproof, has anti-reflective coating and protects from UV, hence they have proven excellent when afloat.

Even the actual process of buying them is a pleasure. At www.sungod.co/shop you can design your own personal glasses. Choose the frames, colours and lenses from a total of 13,000 combinations – and receive them the next day with a lifetime guarantee.


Tested by Toby Hodges


Rarely have I been so impressed by a product that combines practicality, style, comfort and a keen price.